Offering a new computer vision technology that dramatically improves power and performance, enabling a new generation of battery-operated devices.

nanoWatt Design™ is a technology solution provider of ultra-low power computer vision processors. The semiconductor industry is facing continuous demand for circuits having reduced power consumption. Extending battery life is a top priority for all designers of battery operated devices. For mobile electronics, reduced power consumption is a critical differentiator. Overall, power consumption is the most important driver for all segments of the semiconductor market in the foreseeable future.

Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to dominate conversations about the future of electronic products. The Internet of Things that See (IoTtS) will ultimately become the largest component of IoT. Vision processing is computationally intensive. For example, consider estimates that the 60% of the human brain computing power is devoted to both “seeing” and coordinating the remainder of the body with sight. Hardware capable of the demanding processing is now available, but must be paired with software to create for the first time the opportunity to co-locate vision processing computation with the image sensors. The enormous payoff is that energy expenditures to both send images and video to the cloud and to store uninteresting data can be avoided. Decisions will be made at the image sensor to determine which data is sufficiently interesting to warrant transfer to the cloud and storage. Furthermore, there is the new option to immediately bring interesting data to the attention of the user by simple text or e-mail.

nanoWatt Design also continues to research ways to reduce energy consumption by reducing supply voltage, for example to 0.6V and lower. The company has unique intellectual property that enables robust, optimized, low-voltage solutions.