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MAY 2013

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MAY 2012

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APRIL 2012

Fayetteville Firm Gets ASTA Funding for Microchip Circuit Development

Offering new technologies that are poised to respond to the integrated circuit design challenges of the decade.

NanoWatt Design is a technology solution provider for low power integrated circuits.

The semiconductor industry is facing continuous demand for circuits having reduced power consumption. Extending battery life is a top priority for all designers of battery operated devices. For mobile electronics, reduced power consumption is a critical differentiator. Even in applications where AC power is readily available, designers struggle to keep device operating temperature under control and opportunities to reduce power consumption are constantly sought. Overall, power consumption is the most important driver for all segments of the semiconductor market in the foreseeable future.

NanoWatt Design has a portfolio of tools targeted at reducing power consumption. This tool set includes dedicated multi-core processors that can be used to off-load tasks from a general purpose processor. Such dedicated processors operate asynchronously, enabling a programmer or compiler to rapidly configure an array to precisely meet a user’s unique requirements.